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2000 Harmer Family Reunion
Rushlake Green, East Sussex
9 September 2000

Front Row: Tom Kelley-Chairman, Michael Harmer-Treasurer, Gill Price-Secretary

Background: Fred & Barbara Maylin, Daphne Kelley, Rosamund & Sarah Fairman, Graham Harmer,
Daisy Harmer, Tony Harmer, Len & Joan Gower, Betty Savage, Mike & Jill Lee, Doug Harmer, Derek & Eileen Harmer, Dorothy & Arthur Harmer, Lynda & John Harmer, Gill and Jock Harmer, Patricia & Ernest Nankivell, David Harman, Paul Harmer, Simon Harmer, Ronald Harmer, Tom & Vicky Highet, Louise O'Shea, Janet & Jonathan Fowle, Eve Sealy & Margaret Lopez

Photo is courtesy of The Sussex Express

By Gill Price

What a good thing it was that we had chosen to hold our Reunion this year on 9 September; had it been a week later on 16 September, it would have been cancelled due to the petrol crisis which has affected the UK. Instead around 90 members travelled to Rushlake Green on a fairly gloomy, but warm day.

As usual, our AGM was held prior to a ploughman's lunch which was prepared by a band of helpers. There was plenty of new display material and demonstration of our Harmer database. It was an opportunity for cousins from all over the country to meet up; so plenty of talking and socialising took place. In addition, a lot of new information was acquired for our records and will be added to trees in due course. Some folks took the opportunity to visit the nearby village of Old Heathfield and the afternoon finished with our customary tea and cakes.

(excerpted from the September 2000 issue of the HFA Newsletter)

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