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Graham and Jean Harmer

Graham Harmer is an HFA Committee Member and a tireless researcher into Harmer Family history in Sussex. He and his wife Jean have lived in the same house in Punnett's Town, East Sussex (near Heathfield) for more than 40 years.

Graham and Jean Harmer at their home in Punnett's Town, East Sussex.
This photo was taken by Dale Harmer on 16 November 1997.

Harmer Family Connections (Heathfield Tree)

Graham Harmer (HFA #3642, page 80).....born 20 Oct 1922 in Dallington, East Sussex


1. Rosemary Beverley Lower (HFA #4033, page 80).....born 21 Aug 1956 in Warbleton, East Sussex
2. Ian Martin Harmer (HFA #4060, page 80).....born 28 Apr 1959 in Warbleton, East Sussex

Harmer Ancestors

Father - Martin Luther Harmer (HFA #3147, page 38).....born 8 Dec 1886 in Burwash Weald,
East Sussex

Grandfather - George Harmer (HFA #536, page 38).....born 5 Jan 1845 in Burwash,
East Sussex

Great Grandfather - George Harmer (HFA #324, page 37).....bapt. 20 Dec 1818 in Burwash,
East Sussex

2xGreat Grandfather - Joseph Harmer (HFA #200, page 36).....bapt. 22 Mar 1778 in Heathfield,
East Sussex

3xGreat Grandfather - Richard Harmer (HFA #112, page 30).....bapt. 18 Nov 1740 in Heathfield,
East Sussex

4xGreat Grandfather - Richard Harmer (HFA #72, page 28).....bapt. 15 Apr 1717 in Heathfield

5xGreat Grandfather - Josiah Harmer (HFA #43, page 8).....bapt. 25 Jun 1663 in Heathfield

6xGreat Grandfather - William Harmer (HFA #23, page 8).....married 17 Aug 1643 in Heathfield

7xGreat Grandfather - John Harmer (HFA #14, page 1).....married 28 Jan 1610 in Heathfield

8xGreat Grandfather - John Harmer (HFA #7, page 1).....under 21 in 1569 in Heathfield

9xGreat Grandfather - Richard Harmer (HFA #3, page 1).....Yeoman of Heathfield
Joint Executor of father's will dated 20 Oct 1569

10xGreat Grandfather - John Harmer (HFA #2, page 1).....Yeoman of Heathfield

11xGreat Grandfather - John Harmer (HFA #1, page 1).....Tenant of Pelshurst, Heathfield

Graham Harmer
2 Cherry Clack
Punnett's Town
East Sussex TN21 9DT
Phone: 01435-830842

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