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Ken and Carla Harmer

Ken and Carla Harmer live in Marysville, Washington. Ken works as a Shelter Attendant/Animal
Control Officer for the City of Everett.

Carla and Ken Harmer with daughter, Kendra, in August 1994.

Harmer Family Connections (Heathfield Tree)

Kenneth James Harmer (HFA #4082, page US7).....born 21 May 1962 in Long Beach, California, USA


1. Kendra Marie Harmer (HFA #25166, page US13).....born 3 Oct 1992 in Everett, Washington
2. Ethan James Harmer (HFA #25167, page US13).....born 5 Sep 1995 in Everett, Washington

Harmer Ancestors

Father - Donald Walter Harmer (HFA #734, page US7).....born 14 Sep 1930 in Ada, Minnesota, USA

Grandfather - Walter Ervin Harmer (HFA #606, page US7).....born 4 Dec 1879 in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

G.Grandfather - Edward Samuel Harmer (HFA #409, page US1).....born 12 Jul 1834 in Ashburnham,
East Sussex, England

G.G.Grandfather - William Harmer (HFA #272, page 58).....born 1789 in Ashburnham,
East Sussex

G.G.G.Grandfather - Samuel Harmer (HFA #151, page 58).....bapt. 16 April 1769 in Herstmonceaux,
East Sussex

G.G.G.G.Grandfather - Samuel Harmer (HFA #96, page 28).....bapt. 29 April 1744 in Heathfield,
East Sussex

Ken Harmer
13316 - 60th Drive N.E.
Marysville, WA 98271
Phone: 360-659-3396

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