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1997 Harmer Family Reunion
Mayfield, East Sussex
16 August 1997

Back Row: Elizabeth H, Arthur H, John H, Jane H, Graham & Ros Squires, Tony H, Peter H & Michael H.
2nd Row: Joan & Len Gower, Lynda H, Philip H, Vicki Highet, Louise O'Shea, Tom Highet.
3rd Row: Vi & Geoff H, Barbara Porket, Ann Haines & Carol Pryce.
4th Row: Ronald H, Graham H, Doug H & Tony Dengate.
5th Row: Daisy H, Margaret H & Dorothy H.
Front Row: Tom Kelley and Gill Price.

Photo is courtesy of The Sussex Courier

Reporting on The Reunion

Saturday, 16 August saw around 70 members gather together for the Annual Reunion of the UK HARMER FAMILY ASSOCIATION, at the Community Hall in Mayfield, East Sussex. Whether gathering in the adjacent grounds for photographs or enjoying the sunshine, we all admired the magnificent views across the rolling Downs with the Sussex countryside certainly looking its best.

The day, as is normal for our Reunions, was gloriously sunny, temperatures well in the 80's. The Hall itself benefitted from a good air extraction system which kept the room reasonably cool and this enabled members to sit down and gossip in comfort. There was the usual excellent display of our research findings and various items of Harmer memorabilia. These not only related to the Sussex Harmer's but also to those Harmer families from other parts of the country and indeed the world. We are grateful to Tom Kelley and Michael Harmer who are the mainstays of our portable exhibition.

(excerpted from the September 1997 issue of the HFA Newsletter)

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