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Yellowstone Park Elderhostel

This Elderhostel was sponsored by Rocky Mountain College and was held in Cooke City, Montana.
The course ran from September 28 to October 4, 1997.

New friends from our Yellowstone Park Elderhostel in Cooke City, Montana.
L to R: Gopal Nemana, Astrid & Dale Harmer, Vijaya Nemana.
Gopal & Vijaya live in Carmichael, California.
This photo was taken on September 30, 1997.

Elderhostel Topics and Presenters

There were two topics for this Elderhostel:
Yellowstone Wildlife: Buffalo, Mountain Lions, Wolves & Bears
Roadside Geology of the Yellowstone Ecosystem

Presenters and Their Affiliations:
Tom Tucker - Site Coordinator & Geologist
Dan Hartman - Wildlife Naturalist & Photographer
Stu Coleman - Yellowstone N.P., Chief of Natural Resources
Tim Stevens - Program Staff, Greater Yellowstone Coalition
Dr. Gale Ford - Grizzly Discovery Center
Sue Consolo-Murphy - Resource Naturalist

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